Could not agree more with you. The idea of, "Screw you man, this is not in my contract...I'm Union, that means it's my break time," etc. plus the used and abused sets really set it apart. Sure, Lucas may have been a "groundbreaker " with making a lived in Scifi universe, but this movie made it seem, real, tangible. As… » 4/16/15 5:10pm Thursday 5:10pm

Not so much scifi as it is action/adventure, but Executive Decision is always the first thing I think of when I come across this topic. All the promo material I remember from this movie had Steven Segal as a MAJOR player. He was gone in the first 15 minutes and had maybe a total of 5 minutes of air time. Which is… » 4/16/15 3:31am Thursday 3:31am

So what happens when you schedule it, then something happens and you cannot fulfill that plan, do you reschedule? If the issue is on your end where the scheduled romp falls apart ( you have to make an errand or something) are you seen as the bad guy, and vice versa? » 4/14/15 7:32pm Tuesday 7:32pm

Completely agree. I, for one, enjoyed the prequel comic for Trek. It does make Nero such a tragic and more Shakespearian, the way all great Star Trek villains should be. However, when explaining his motives to anyone, ANYONE, I get a dumbfounded state. Like I'm an idiot. » 4/11/15 9:06pm 4/11/15 9:06pm